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Wil-Bar is the Leader in
Equine Performance Supplements...Period!

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The WIL-BAR International Family of
Equine Performance Supplements
My Horse Has A Chance...
IF he stays sound throughout the race, and
IF he is not interfered with, and
IF the race goes as figured, and
IF the track is to his liking, and
IF he doesn't get too much outside, and
IF his equipment does not break, and
IF he doesn't get boxed in, and
IF he doesn't cast a shoe, and
IF he doesn't get disqualified, and
IF the Man upstairs is with us all the way---
   I'd say we have a chance.
Author - Unknown


  Wil-Bar International
is the Established Leader in Equine Performance Supplements.  Our products are specifically engineered to bolster your horses natural strengths and enable performance horses to compete at the highest level.

  Veterinarians and horse trainers throughout the world have been utilizing these products on a continual basis for over 10 years.  Our professional staff has been involved in the equine field for over 35 years and our repeat business measures our products success. 

  How to Order Wil-Bar Equine Supplements:  Contact us Toll Free at 800-831-1077 for the closest registered and licensed dealer of our products.  If there is not a dealer in your area, we will be more than happy to ship our products to your door!

  To start a program for your performance horses, contact us for information and watch the results!  If your veterinarian does not carry the Wil-Bar product line, have them contact us for more information.

Every horse is different, so it is important for you to know your horse! 
The better you know your horse, the more successful they will become and their value will increase!

    Please consider our complete line of equine supplements to give you that Winning Edge.  

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